censhare version 2019.3.2 and 2020.1.1, macOS Catalina & Mojave

The communication between the censhare Client and Adobe CC is handled via the XMLCommand plugin. The plugin uses a specific protocol that handles this communication.

With Adobe plugin version 2.9.1, the new Websocket protocol was added to the existing AppleEvent protocol. The WebSocket protocol eliminates connection problems that were appearing with macOS Mojave.

Plugin 2.9.1

The plugin 2.9.1 uses the WebSocket protocol as default for communication with censhare version 2019.3.2 and as of censhare version 2020.1.1. With previous censhare versions, the plugin 2.9.1 still uses AppleEvent as communication.

The plugin 2.9.1 supports Adobe 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, and CS 5-2015.

macOS Catalina

You can use the following combinations with macOS Catalina:
The Adobe plugin 2.9.1 with censhare Clients 2019.3.2 and censhare Clients 2020.1.1 or higher.

These combinations are notarized for use with macOS Catalina. Both combinations use WebSocket communication for the Adobe plug-in.

Note: Notarization is a client-side only feature and not depending on the server version. If you are working on a previous server version, for example 2019.2.x, you can use this server with the newer censhare Client 2019.3.2 to support these client-side features.

macOS Mojave

On macOS Mojave, we recommend to use plug-in 2.9.1 in combination with censhare version 2019.3.2 or with censhare 2020.1.1 or higher. The plugin 2.9.1 uses WebSocket as default communication protocol in this case. This will eliminate connection problems that were appearing on macOS Mojave with previous censhare versions.

Previous censhare versions and macOS Mojave

We recommend to use the above mentioned combinations.

This is the status with previous censhare Client versions:

The following censhare Client versions have been tested with macOS 10.4 Mojave:

  • 5.8.18, 2017.1.9, 2017.2.11, 2017.3.17, 2017.4.10, 2017.5.1, 2 2018.1, 2018.2.0, 2018.3

The following combinations have been tested:

  • censhare versions 2018.1, 2018.2, 2018.3 with Adobe plugins CC2015, CC2017, CC2018, and CC2019.

There are the following alerts when you use the above mentioned censhare Client versions running on Mojave in combination with Adobe CC for the first time:

  • "censhare Client" wants to access to control "Adobe InDesign CCxxxx".
    "censhare Client" wants to access to control "Adobe InCopy CCxxxx".

  • "Adobe InDesign CCxxxx" wants to access to control "censhare Client".
    "Adobe InCopy CCxxxx" wants to access to control "censhare Client".

The same alert appears when you switch between Adobe InDesign/Adobe InCopy products.

This will lead to delayed performance when you carry out the first action in Adobe InDesign/Adobe InCopy.