Answer: yes for systems 2019.2.2 and higher

Since censhare 2019.2.2, there are two new parameters added to the API service, located in the Admin Client Configuration:Services

Keep session alive: Default value is 3 minutes. defines the time of how long we keep login session alive after all browser windows are closed.

Session duration limit: defines maximal allowed inactivity time for the session - after that time session will be forced to close. Default value is 24 hours.

Answer: no for systems lower than 2019.2.2

Besides the usual HTTP requests for resources, each browser window running censhare 5 web maintains a communication session with the application server either using a WebSocket if available or repeated HTTP requests.

- The client does not recover from errors in the underlying TCP connections for both cases and will show its error page.

- The timeout behavior is different for the two cases. For the WebSocket based session there is no timeout and it will work as long as the TCP connection is alive. For the HTTP based session the client makes a request at least every 15 seconds and the session will time out on the server side if it does not receive a request for 60 seconds.

- There is no way to configure the session timeout for HTTP based session or a timeout for idle clients in general.

- If there are network connectivty problems regarding the communication session, the client will fail immediately show its error page. The behavior for resource HTTP requests depends on the particular resource being loaded and may lead to a client failure or just a glitch in the user interface.