The following article provides information on the cause and solution in case any display issues are faced in Internet Explorer.

Symptoms of this behavior

You would often face problems with the censhare Web in IE such as no icons / wrong icons being displayed, or sometimes the icons are displayed in Chinese characters or system displaying wrong fonts etc.

Reason for the display issue in IE

The reason behind this unexpected behavior of Internet Explorer could be that the ModuleService is running in the Development mode , which is not intended for a production work, because caching is always disabled in Development Mode.

How to resolve this

To avoid this problem, you would need to uncheck the Mode Development Flag in the changed ModuleService configuration on the Admin Client as shown below:

censhare Admin Client --> Configuration --> Services --> 
Module service --> Configuration --> Mode (Development)

Now Update the Server Configuration on the censhare Admin Client.

NOTE: No server restart is required in this case.