The Problem

When we do a quick search, we get very strange results despite the well known "fuzzy" search. For example, when searching for "winter", appear assets which don't have a feature similar in any way with "winter" wear.

Is it a bug?

This is of-course not a bug. It is intended in accordance with algorithm of fuzzy search in censhare. The "fuzzy" search refers not only to a feature, but to all meta-data and content. In the case all assets had the slogan "Under 7" and this is matching very close to "winter". It will show the first unambiguous results listed with "Winter" and some that are similar in ranking. That is why this search is recommended for the "sharp" search.
The functioning of the censhare Quick Find corresponds similarly to the procedure of Google. It would be possible to change this in the database / configure, but then has an influence on the search behavior.

How to find if this is really the fuzzy result

Log in with java client.

Enable Server log FINER and Execute Query.

Look at Server log output.

The query usually starts with the fulltext term part. All expansions, stems and prefix hits are listed. in this case "winter" creates 158 lines, up to "evaluate term(censhare:text.meta: winter / de) done in 10ms."
In this list of terms look for something that matches the hits found in the Index Info list.
In this case the most probable hit is "evaluate MetaTerm 437: root.alter.unter-7. returned DocList : 707 factor [0.125, Unter 7]"

"unter" is only two edits away from "winter".