The following FAQ is valid for On Premises hosting (through censhare partners or by the clients themselves). Hosted in a censhare data center or AWS, censhare will take care about those details.

  1. Q: What types of Adobe InDesign Servers are available and how much do they cost?
  2. Q: Does licensing via censhare make sense for On Premises customers?
    A: No, because censhare can only provide a software package including software key, which cannot be integrated into an existing Adobe Creative customer account.
  3. Q: Why does it make sense to integrate the Adobe InDesign Server into an existing Adobe CC customer account?
    A: Because updates can be installed automatically via Adobe, and fonts can also be licensed. This is not easily possible without a CC account.
  4. Q: Ideally, how should Adobe InDesign Server be obtained or licensed?
    A: From the IT service provider through whom the Adobe Desktop Suite or the Adobe Creative Cloud account was already purchased.
  5. Q: Does censhare require a Multi or Single instance of Adobe InDesign Server?
    A: Adobe only offers multi-instance licenses, in Premium and Limited (for production) variants, and a Development license for test/staging system. Single or Multi Instance has nothing to do with the license type (Premium or Limited). The important thing is to ensure that the right license variant (Premium or Limited, for the production environment) is chosen for the particular use case. These are described here:
  6. Q: Is it possible to have the Adobe InDesign Server installed by censhare?
    A: For warranty reasons, the Adobe InDesign Server must always be installed by the local IT department.
  7. Q: Does censhare offer a consulting service for installing the InDesign Server in the event of problems?
    A: Yes.
  8. Q: Can the InDesign Server incl. censhare Render Client be installed and configured by the customer's IT?
    A: Yes, with the help of this documentation: 
  9. Q: How much does the consulting service cost for installing and configuring the InDesign Server incl. censhare Render Client?
    A: Generally the efforts will be invoiced by Time and Material. Estimation for standard systems 0,5 PT (Windows Server Standard installation, no setup of the Render Client as a Windows service, without IDS multi-instance configuration, without fonts and job option configuration). Estimation for more complex systems 1 PT (non-Windows Server Standard installation due to limited corporate policies, Render Client as Windows Service, IDS multi-instance configuration, including fonts and job option configuration)
  10. Q: What are the system requirements for Adobe InDesign Server?
  11. Q: What are the system requirements for the censhare Render Client?

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