It is not possible to install several different censhare-Client versions on Windows by using the censhare-Installer because every new client installation will uninstall automatically an older installed version.

The workaround is to install one version with the installer and additional versions on the system without using the Client installer, just dearchive the client package and copy the whole client out of the ZIP-Bundle into a new directory.

Important Hint

*NEVER* install a client and then copy the content of the other version into the directory, the client was installed to. Otherwise you will get in trouble if you try to uninstall the installed client

Additional Info :

If the clients require different CBFS versions, the installer of the client will install it's needed CBFS. The other client which is just copied has no CBFS, if it needs a different CBFS version.In case an additional CBFS version is needed, install it with the regarding installer which can be found at ecosphere Tracker under Asset ID 2542689 (censhare-downloads/censhare-ClientSoftware/» VFS WIN - CBFS-Installer = Virtual FileSystem).

Additional Hint You only need to install the additional CBFS driver if you want to run version 4, 5, 6, 2017 (here was a changes of the name schema for CBFS) and future versions in parallel. There is no difference between minor or bugfix versions. So if you installed a client with CBFS 4.1.0 then it will work with CBFS 4.2.0 as well. Same is true for version 5 and 6. This is how it looks like if Version 4 and 5 is installed in parallel:

cbfsMntNtf4.dll, cbfsNetRdr4.dll, cbfsMntNtf5.dll and cbfsNetRdr5.dll