With censhare 5.4 onwards there were Resource Replacement Variant introduced. Since 5.8 onwards please assign a role on the Resource Replacement Variant relation itself.

Steps to follow via java client:

  • Right click on Variant. (variant for which you want to assign a role)

  • Choose 'Edit relations' --> 'Resource replace variant'.

  • User will get a new popup dialog.

  • Click on + button beside Features label on new popup dialog.

  • Choose Resource replace role from drop down.

  • From second drop down choose the desired role to assign.

How to assign role to a resource replacement variant.mov

Steps to follow via web client:

  • Open the main asset or the variant asset.

  • Select the widget which show the variant or main asset.

  • Click the three dots "⋮" vertically aligned.

  • Choose the option 'Edit relation properties'.

  • A dialog will appear and choose the desired role from the dropdown.