This error message may occur sometime when you try to check-in, check-out Adobe InDesign files to/from censhare.

Example stack trace:

Error in communication with Adobe InDesign 12.1 (plugin 2.8.35): [CCmdXmlReport.cpp, line 3385] Internal error: A pointer is nil.  Description:null  Error code:null
Stacktrace: com.censhare.client.javaclient.layout.PluginException: Error in communication with Adobe InDesign 12.1 (plugin 2.8.35): [CCmdXmlReport.cpp, line 3385] Internal error: A pointer is nil. at com.censhare.client.javaclient.layout.LayoutMessage.throwPluginException( at com.censhare.client.javaclient.layout.LayoutMessage.checkErrors( at com.censhare.client.javaclient.layout.LayoutMessage.execute(

Perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Always try to reproduce this error with latest censhare indesign plugin. Refer "censhare Plugins for Adobe applications" for compatibility.

2) Please check whether this error is reproducible with some other layouts.

3) If the problem is only with a particular layout then ask the end users for the exact steps they have followed to come into that state.

Also check the InDesign history (cmd+'about InDesign') of the layout. Huge histories or upgrading layouts over several InDesign version can cause corrupt layouts. Cross check the behaviour with a new layout. In doubt recreate the layout.

4) Try to isolate the error on test environment with minimal case. (Layout with less placements)

5) Check if any particular layout template leads to this error.

6) Check client log for the errors with 'layout communication' option enabled. Refer "How to - Enable client logging in in censhare Client".

7) Check the layout structure for any frames that are not supported in censhare. Refer ”Supported Frames and Content in InDesign” Link.

8) We noticed that some third party plugins other than censhare leads to this error. So please check if any other third party plugins has installed in plugin folder of indesign.

Note: Effort for analysing this error for one layout is high. So, always check with customer if further analysis is required or if the layout can be recreated from scratch by the customer.