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On a system level, Adobe PDF joboptions (delivered in standard package) are predefined with an English name.

An InDesign (or InDesignServer) setup with German language is also showing e.g. German names for these joboptions.

(Other languages may exist also)

Important hints

The joboptions may be installed properly, but are defined by their e.g. German name within the admin client within Configuration/Modules/Renderer/PDF_Preferences. This will only work on a german installed InDesign or InDesignServer.

If the adminClient uses English joboption names, InDesign or InDesignServer must be installed in the English language.

InDesign or InDesignServer always uses the 'InDesign internal translation' of the filename shown within the export PDF dialogs joboption selection in InDesign.

The following joboption names are affected. Names written in bold are English.

  • High Quality Print = Qualitativ hochwertiger Druck

  • Press Quality = Druckausgabequalität

  • Smallest File Size = kleinste Dateigröße

Other names differ in name between system level and InDesign, too.

  • PDFX1a 2001 = PDF/X-1a:2001

  • PDFX1a 2003 = PDF/X-1a:2003

  • PDFX3 2002 = PDF/X-3:2002

  • PDFX3 2003 = PDF/X-3:2003

  • PDFX4 2008 = PDF/X-4:2008

  • and further similar names...

Press Quality = Druckausgabequalität may also be used hard coded

e.g. within content-editor PDF preview (defined in /app/modules/client/javaclient/javaclient-preferences.xml or /app/modules/client/webclient/webclient-preferences.xml ).

If a joboption is written within [brackets] in the admin client depends on its location.

Joboptions in user folder use no brackets in name, joboptions in system folder use [brackets].


On PDF generation you get an error message:

com.censhare.server.rmi.RMIServerException[renderer-exp-combine-004]: Render Kommand gescheitert!

asset id 248140: Fehler in Kommunikation zu Adobe InDesign 7.5.3 (Plugin 2.6.11): [CmdPdf.cpp, line 223] Attribute 'pdf_stylename' has unknown value '[Druckausgabequalität]'.



Error in communication with Adobe InDesign 7.0.5 (plugin 2.6.14): [CmdPdf.cpp, line 211] 'command' node has attribute 'pdf_stylename' with illegal value '[Druckausgabequalität]'.


Check if the defined joboption names in censhare admin fit to the used InDesign or InDesignServer language. Just rename the 'InDesign PDF-Export-Profile' in censhare admin within Configuration/Modules/Renderer/PDF_Preferences to their recognized name.

(use names written in bold within the upper comparisons with english InDesign/Server)

Also check in censhare admin (all roles) within Configuration/Modules/Clients/Web-Client/Web-Client Preferences or Configuration/Modules/Clients/Client/Client Preferences

<pdf-export profile-name="[Druckausgabequalität]" />

<pdf-export profile-name="[Press Quality]" />

Additional hint

Development-ticket 2262329 from 20.04.12, 09:59:

PDF Setting now changed in 4.5 /app/modules/client/javaclient/javaclient-preferences.xml

<pdf-export profile-name="[Press Quality]" />

English profiles are used as a censhare standard now.