Problem: What the error message "Unable to execute HTTP request: Timeout waiting for connection from pool" means and known workaround


  1. The workaround for this issue is to restart all the servers.
    1. This error message can be found just in the server logs.
  2. If this workaround doesn't help to alleviate the issue until a root-cause analysis was performed, you could try to increase s3-max-connections from 500 to 10000, perform a (remote) config refresh and a censhare application server restart.

Prerequisite / Remarks:
- The parameter s3-max-connections does not seem to be accessible via the Java-Admin. You have to edit the XML directly in the customizing area
- This must be done for each application server
- This must be done for each s3 filesystem entry in the config.xml
- No censhare Application server (service) restart should be necessary, a (remote) config refresh is sufficient to activate the new configuration
- It needs a patch if the customer is on lower than censhare version 2019.2.8, but every version below 2019.3 is already EOL/EOS


  • From some previous cases and investigations, it was found that when the connection pool size is exhausted the server needs to be restarted. The default connection pool size limit is different for most of the censhare server versions and could be increased using the attribute s3-max-connection on the filesystem element in the file service configuration