assetElement not found

The document describes the steps to fix the problem - Error: " assetElement not found (assetId=64.901., index=1, type=target.)"

Details of Error

When you're in flatplan, rarely it is no longer possible to drag anything else onto a certain page, the action doesn't complete and an error message is thrown.
The error message is: assetElement not found (assetId=64.901., index=1, type=target.)

The reason behind this message is that there's no existing asset_element node of type target. and index=1 for asset id given in the stack trace.

How to fix the error?

Below are steps to follow to fix the error.

  • Note the point that you have the asset id from the above error message (assetId=64901).

  • Detach the asset which causes the issue (64901) from the issue and place it again.

    If the asset is not placed on the flatplan, select it (under the issue asset) in your asset query. Create a simple relation assignment from asset to issue, so you keep it in focus after detaching. Now use right mouse button on asset, select menu 'remove relation - planning'. Now it is detached. Afterwards create a planning relation from asset to issue again.

  • After this, placing another asset onto this asset in flatplan should be possible again. If not, a different ID will appear in the next error message. Do the same steps as above with this new asset ID.

Root-cause of the error?

The root-cause, means how to get at this point is not clear yet. Therefore it's not possible to prevent this rare situation. To find a solution for the root-cause of such an occurrence, we need a reproducible case which can be provoked by an exactly defined sequence of actions.

Special case

Even if removing the layouts and no further "assetElement not found" is shown, you cannot place the layout and get a message "No space left for new elements". In this case even the emptied planning pages need to be deleted and afterwards created again to get out of this situation. (refer to internal ticket 4012025)