Unable to Update Row

The document describes the steps to fix the problem - Error: Unable to update row (asset_element)

Details of Error

When you move the pages in flatplan, rarely it is no longer possible and an error message is thrown.
The error message is:

Error:Unable to update row: UPDATE asset_element t0 SET t0.version = ? WHERE ((t0.sid = ?) AND t0.version = ?); [version=10, sid=23957048, version=9]\\

The reason behind this message is that compared with the oracle database the cdb info for a specific asset is not up to date. We have to find out which asset isn't up to date in the cdb.

How to fix the error?

Below are steps to follow to fix the error.

  • Note the point that you have the value of sid from the above error message (sid=23957048).

  • Execute a sql query using the sid to get the asset id. For example like this:
 select asset_id, version, name, paging from asset_element where sid=23957048; 
  • Now that you have the details of the asset, there is a quick and simple way to update the cdb.
    Drag & drop a test image to the asset to create a new parent-child relation and remove the relation afterwards.
    This will again update the cdb regarding the asset having problem.

  • After this, moving around of pages in flatplan is possible again.

Root-cause of the error?

To find the root-cause of such an occurrence, censhare support needs a reproducible case which can be provoked by an exactly defined sequence of actions.