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Color Profiles, Joboptions, and Fonts

Joboptions - Language dependent name of PDF joboptions in censhare admin

InDesign Server and Render-Client

Install Renderer as a Windows Service

censhare Client Installation on macOS High Sierra

censhare Client on macOS Catalina and Mojave

Ports in censhare Environments

InDesign Server


In general, it is recommended to enter the serial number of your InDesignServer during the installation procedure. From our experience applying hotfixes to your InDesignServer installation requires no serial number. The Adobe PRTK tool allows you to serialize or change serialization on an already installed InDesignServer. In newer Adobe releases the InDesignServer must be able to reach Adobe (call at home). Firewalls may block this and prevent serialization.

Serialize InDesign Server after the Trial with Adobe PRTK

We got reports of customers, where InDesignServers lost their serialization after a windows update. Recover a lost serialization of InDesignServer after Windows update

InDesign server errors

By its nature, there are different error situations regarding the InDesignServer. To fix this, at first, you have to analyze where the error appears and which kind of error it is. Typically on a running system errors are reported by the user from time to time. Here is a list of some regularly appearing ones:

Error "kImportPIFromFileCmdBoss" - What does it mean?

Error kPDFExportCmdBoss - how to solve

InDesign error # 29441 - Troubleshoot

Find and remove unresponsive InDesignServer instances

Fixing Colour Management Policies within InDesignServer CS5 and Up. This is only necessary if the InDesignServer installation language is not English (North America).

Error: Message send failed

If "SOAPExceptionImpl: Message send failed" appears in the render client or censhare server logfile, this always is a InDesignServer crash by unknown cause. As the InDesignServer crashed, no messages can be sent to it any longer.


Find crashed InDesignServer instance as described in Find and remove unresponsive InDesignServer instances and kill it manually.

Info about MIM - Automatic Fonts deployment on Renderer, may cause a shutdown of an active IDS instance during a job.

I would expect "SOAPExceptionImpl: Message send failed" as an error message in the clients.

To analyze time of shutdown by script, see script log "/Users/renderer/fonts-deploy.log"

Error: Missing font

Solution: use only existing fonts or install font on renderer correctly describe above. 


  1. Font is installed in two locations.
    InDesignServer will not decide which one to use and reacts with error "missing font".
  2. Font has same filename but is not same font (internal naming of different font cuts) as the used one.
  3. InDesignServer was not restarted after font installation
  4. Font installed on renderer is not usable in InDesign or OS X due to it's file format
    (Test: try if this font is usable with InDesign).

Error: Missing joboption


Check if joboption is installed in the correct location

Check if joboption is defined correctly in the admin client


  1. Joboptions in admin client need to be defined without square brackets if they are in user path and must be written in square brackets if they are located in the system path.

  2. Joboption is installed in two locations.
    InDesignServer will not decide which one to use and reacts with error "missing joboption".

  3. InDesignServer was not restarted after joboption installation

Error: The used color intent in a generated PDF is not correct

e.g. instead uses Adobe standard profile 'US Web coated (SWOP) v2'


1. Check if .icc colour profile is installed in the correct location

2. if colour management is active on the InDesignServer (see Fixing Colour Management Policies).


  1. There is no error message as Adobe uses a fallback here. Generated PDF's need to be checked by the customer for correctness.

  2. Colour profile is installed in two locations.
    InDesignServer will not decide which one to use and falls back to standard profile.

  3. InDesignServer was not restarted after color profile installation

Error: '... Try again'

Solution: Try it again or if the error is persistent longer than an hour ask censhare Service Desk.


  1. A needed asset for the process is locked by system or user and is not unlocked again
    (some locks are automatically released after 10 or 60 minutes)

Error: There is no available Server Version for the document. ("Adobe InDesign ...") | (german: Es steht kein Server für dieses Dokument zur Verfügung. ("Adobe InDesign ...") )



1. Check if your layout version has the same major release as your InDesignServer version

2. Check if your RenderClient is running and the regarding InDesignServer is available


  1. The InDesign dot version of the layout (e.g. CC2015v11.x) is not yet supported on censhare server side

  2. Your InDesignServer is caught in an endless loop and only 'seems to be available' -> how to check shown above

  3. One hanging InDesignServer instance may block other instances, too.
    In this case all instances need to be restarted one by one.
    Possibly all instances need to be shutdown at once, so all are not running before restarting.
    Possibly even the render client needs a restart.

  4. Your InDesignServer lost it's serialization (e.g. caused by a windows update)

  5. The layoutService has a hang which mainly appeared in censhare server&render versions before 4.3.37, 4.4.29, 4.5.27, 4.6.32, 4.7.34, 4.8.19, 4.9.10, 4.10.4

Error: A Layout is defect (binary structural damage)

Solution: Repair Indesign Layout via IDML Export


Renderer errors

Render client or InDesignServer related errors mostly shown in the censhare client.

In rare cases (e.g. used server actions with no user feedback) the censhare client may give no feedback about an error depending on the kind of error. These errors are only visible in the server or render log. So if e.g. a PDF generation is not performed and you get no feedback, have a look at the server or render log.

Another RMI service call is currently active

Windows error "CLSIDFromProgID failed [800401f3]" - Why is it displayed?

Apple Event Error-Messages -1712 / -609 / -1701

Error: Suddenly it is not possible to start the render client, but it already worked before

Solution/Test: Is it possible to login with any other client from another machine? If no, solution: restart censhare server

Possible trap:

If you have customized /app/modules/client/javarender/javarender-dialogs.xml, the newer InDesignServer versions will not appear in RenderClients File/Preferences/General setup dialog.


Adobe CC plugin - compatibility

How to switch the communication protocol of the Adobe plug-in? (OS X >= 10.14)

How to activate the censhare Plugin Logging (MAC + Win)


Automating InDesignServer start, stop and restart on RenderClient

How Limits, Work Package Size, and Parallel Execution Are Working and Setup

InDesign – Improve Performance Using Layouts with Many InCopy Texts

OPI Exchange (automatic) via censhare Renderer

Parallel Jobs – InDesign Server RenderingHow Limits, Work Package Size and


How to delete IDS and renderer cache files if not cleared automatically:

  • find IDS cache files in C:\Users\<all prod and test users>\AppData\Local\Temp\

    • Take care: only delete temp content when logged in as the user used in path name

  • find renderer cache files in C:\Users\<all prod and test users>\censhare\v4\hosts\<hostname>\

    • Take care: You must not delete ...renderer.xml config files! only delete subfolders.


Virtual File System (VFS)

Defining VFS names: special situations Not considering this may lead to extreme long rendering times.

VFS 2.0 Support

General Informations


Supported frames and content in InDesign

Client Preferences and hosts.xml location

All about renderer logs

censhare Server

FileSystem and Renderer Configuration Details in Multiple censhareServer Environments


Is Adobe InDesign Server able to open InDesign documents older than its own major version?


How does censhare forward a layout to the Renderer/InDesignServer?